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A Message from Ernest Posey, Chief Executive Officer

Health care is certainly at the forefront of everybody’s mind these days, but here at the Posey Company that has always been the norm. Since 1937, we have worked to develop products that place safety at the center of the circle of care. Today, our legacy as a leader in innovative and quality products pushes us to strive harder and focus our sights on comprehensive product solutions that support caregivers’ efforts. Our goal today remains, as it has for the past seventy-five years; to provide a safer patient environment, reduce the risk of injuries, and minimize providers’ costs related to falls. After seventy-five years with a Posey family member at the helm, this year Posey promoted former General Manager, Dale Clendon to President. Posey remains a family owned business and, with Dale’s direction, the company is working to ensure that the future is as bright and enterprising as the past. Dale is leading an executive team that is changing the face of the company ensuring that patient safety and quality of life remain paramount in everything we do. The company’s continued growth has required a physical expansion which includes additional office space, manufacturing and warehousing facilities. As we move forward, we recognize that our continued success is dependent on the valuable relationships that we have developed with our customers. It is these very relationships which help us to recognize and address product requirements for patient safety. With our team of innovators and your valuable input, we are able to provide products that speak to our understanding of the relationship between patient, caregiver, and provider. As always, we are proud to present you with the current issue of the Posey product catalog. Thank you for your continued support.

About the Posey Company

John Thornton Posey founded the Posey Company in 1937, when he built a bed cradle for a hospitalized friend who complained about the weight of the bedcovers on his feet. The hospital liked the idea, and asked for a price for 12 bed cradles. The Posey Company landed its first order, and made a profit of $12.

As John Posey showed the bed cradles to other hospitals in the San Francisco area, he was asked to develop other products to assist in patient care. Soon, he expanded his travels beyond San Francisco, and after many years, John built a company with a worldwide reputation for innovative and practical healthcare products. In 1991, John handed the president's gavel to his third son, Ernie, while maintaining a leadership role as Chairman of the Board.

Today, the Posey Company manufactures over 600 products around the globe. Every Posey product engineered and manufactured by our dedicated team continues on our tradition of quality products and patient care.

Posey products are available on a no-obligation 30-day trial (some restrictions apply, call Customer Service for details).

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