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Merci Posey

A happy encounter by Sandrine Meunier, Manager of Distriution & Logistics

I would like to tell you about a pleasant experience I had during my flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Because I was traveling on company business, I was using my Posey suitcase, and wearing my Posey sweater.  So, I was all dressed in the Posey logo when I arrived at O’Hare for my return flight to Los Angeles. At the security checkpoint, I was gathering my stuff off the table when a young man approached me.  He asked if I worked for Posey, and I replied that I did.  At that point, he warmly thanked me.  It turns out he was from Holland. His father had been sick, and the hospital had placed him in a Posey Bed.  “That bed saved my father’s life,” the Dutchman told me .I just wanted to pass along his gratitude to the Posey Company and tell you that hearing his story made me proud of the work we do and the products we manufacture.


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