Education | Technical FAQ's

1. What is the Gauge Accuracy of the Posey Cufflator ™?
2. What are the Sterilization methods of the Posey Cufflator?
3. Can restraints be used at home?
4. Why it is necessary to have a prescription to purchase/sell restraints?
5. Where can we get information on best practices of the use of Emergency Room and Psychiatric Unit restraints?
6. Strength comparison of TAT Cuffs to Leather Cuffs
7. Can I use Gait Belts on multiple clients? How do I keep them clean?
8. (Not Available at this time)
9. What temperatures are associated with our symbols "Dry Low" and "Dry High"?
10. How many times can a Posey product be washed to maintain its product integrity?
11. Can a Posey product be used during the transport of a patient?
12. Can we restrain a patient face down?
13. Is there any Government regulation requiring that side rails must be in the up position when a patient is in a restraint in bed?
14. Are there ANY circumstances when it is not necessary to have the side rails in the up position when a patient is in a restraint in bed?
15. Why is it necessary to have siderails up when a patient is in a restraint bed?
16. Clinical testing shows similar pressure reading for Jay, Skilcare, and Posey
17. What are the weight limitations of Orthotic Drop Seat (#6331) and Drop Seat (#6540)?
18. What are the flame retardancy standards of Posey cushions and positioning products?
19. What are the flame retardancy standards for Posey Restraint Products?
20. What are the Latex contents in Posey products and which products apply?
21. What are the OSHA Sound Standards?
22. Where can I get a copy of the 510K for the Posey Bed Canopy System?
23. Is the Posey Bed Canopy System Considered a Restraint?
24. Is the Posey Company approved by the FDA to produce medical devices, and are the Posey Company's products approved by the FDA?
25. Can Posey Company sell restraints direct to individuals or non-medical facilities?
26. What is the customer's liability for products ordered for Evaluation?
27. What is Posey Company's policy regarding Product Liability for products on evaluation?
28. What are the FDA requirements for labels on protective restraints?
29. What is the JCAHO Restraint and Seclusion Standard for Behavioral Health, effective January 1, 2001?
30. HCFA Restraint Interpretive Guidelines
31. Can the Posey Belt #4125, Posey Padded Belts #4127, and #4135 be used on patients in chairs other than a wheelchair?
32. Can Leather and Synthetic Leather be sterilized or disinfected?
33. Is the Posey Freedom Splint #8168 Series considered a Restraint?
34. What are the CDC recommendations for washing Soiled Linen?
35. Are siderails considered double restraints when the patient is in a protective restraint, in bed, and the siderails are in the up position?
36. What are the Warranty and Cleaning Instructions for #8283 Posey Disposable Bed?
37. Can an organization utilize a restraint protocol without an LIP order?
38. Do Medical Device manufacturers have to be registered with the FDA?
39. Do Posey Products require Material Data Safety Sheets?
40. What is HIPAA?
41. (Not Available at this time)
42. Can Posey Limb Restraints be applied with one arm positioned upward, and the other arm positioned downward?
43. Can Bed Side Rail Pads and Limb or Vest Restraints be used in conjunction?
44. Can Posey Mitts and Limb Holders be used in Wheelchairs and Chairs?
45. Fall Monitors Frequently Asked Questions
46. I have two Posey Cufflators (catalog number 8199). One has a “green zone” of 14 – 25 cm H2O and the other has a “green zone” of 22 – 32 cm H2O. Which is correct?
47. The Posey 8070 bed uses a 2-prong plug. Does this plug safely protect the user from electrical shock like a grounded 3-prong plug?
48 Why are side rails required when restraints are used in bed?
49 Do Posey products contain mercury?

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